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Miss. Virginia Marcozzi

Virginia Marcozzi is a part-time instructor at Regina Luminis Academy who teaches fine art. She has always felt that the study of art is so important to the individual's ability to perceive the world through the filter of the divine, and the human. Art is not just for the artist, the act of creating is deeply ingrained in the human identity and is done by anyone.

Virginia is from the greater Philadelphia area. She studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art for a time and has worked under masters like Mother Praxedes O.S.B of the Abbey of Regina Laudis. In 2022 she graduated from the Barnes program at St. Joe's with a certificate in Horticulture. She has a studio out in Springfield Pa, where she works on Religious and Botanical art.  

When not entangled in art she can be found creating in the kitchen ( if you ever get to taste her baked goods or cocktail you will be blessed!) She also might just be off traveling around the country or the world. She loves a good hike and is quite good at finding excuses to be outside. She will almost always have music on and will definitely be chatting or spending time with her friends and family. If she isn't talking, she might very well be reading. Her greatest love is the Adoration chapel, so if you can’t find her, she may very well be there! 

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