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Your Tax Dollars, Your Choice

Educational Improvement Tax Credits (EITC)

Your Pennsylvania tax dollars can help provide a classical education for a future leader.  Please consider supporting Regina Luminis Academy and receive a tax credit for your business: Tax credits are available to eligible individuals and businesses contributing to a Scholarship Organization, an Educational Improvement Organization, and/or a Pre-Kindergarten Scholarship Organization.

EITC is a program that created a means for the business community to be involved with education, allowing them to support students of non-public schools by directing their tax payments through local non-profits as tuition assistance subsidies. This program is open to individuals as well, by working with BLOCS (Business Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools) or The Foundation for Catholic Education. These two organizations create Special Purpose Entities (SPE) for individuals to participate in this program.

The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC), provides companies and individuals:

  • 75% tax credit for donations to a non-profit scholarship or educational improvement organization.

  • The tax credit increases to 90% if you commit to making the same donations for two consecutive years.

  • A business paying taxes in Pennsylvania can receive up to $400,000 in tax credits annually. More importantly, the EITC provides children and families with a choice in their education and a chance in life. -Reach Foundation

How Do I signup to Participate and Re-direct my PA Taxes? Download step by step

  • Step 1. A good place to start would be to look at line 12 of your PA-40 PA state tax return. The number that's there is your PA tax liability. So, if the number on line 12 is at least $1,000, then you can participate in the EITC program. Please Consult your tax advisor or accountant to confirm your eligibility.​​​​

  • Step 2. Determine the amount you want to redirect your taxes (please use whole number amounts only). It can be up to the amount of line 12 of your PA-40 PA state tax return (minimum of $1,000).

  • Step 3. Complete our SPE Commitment Form and reserve your spot as soon as possible! It’s first-come, first-served. Please return the form to John Kinuthia at  John Kinuthia will forward the form to the appropriate person at The Foundation for Catholic Education. 

  • Step 4. You will be notified by The Foundation for Catholic Education to write a check to your SPE. (In your first year, you may be writing a check to a different SPE based on your participation amount and where there is room.)

  • Step 5. The SPE passes 100% of your contribution to Regina Luminis Academy, providing scholarships to students*.

  • Step 6. Around February of the following year, you will receive a K-1 Statement for your Pennsylvania taxes that will include your 90% tax credit.

  • Step 7. If you are owed a refund due to overpayment, you will receive it by the following fall. Please note, this is handled by a different department and refunds may be delayed.

  • Step 8. You will be notified to confirm your participation again either in the fall (if you signed up in the spring) or in the summer (if you signed up in the fall).


*Please note EITC monies can not be allocated by donors to specific individuals.

How do I apply to receive EITC Financial Aid for my student?


Children are eligible for The Educational Improvement Tax Credits  (EITC ) scholarships if their household incomes are less than $105,183 plus $18,514 for each child in the family in 2023–24. For example, a family with one child must have an income below $123,697,  a family with two children, income below $142,211, whereas a family with three children must have an income below $160,725 and so on.

In order to apply for financial assistance, please fill out your information in FACTS. Eligibility and financial need are determined by FACTS. EITC monies can not be allocated by donors to specific individuals.

If you have questions, please contact John Kinuthia at or at 610-269-3905.

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