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Regina Luminis High School at St. Monica’s

Authentically Catholic, Rigorously Classical


Thank you for your interest in the Regina Luminis High School. We can’t wait to begin a new era of growth for our high school as we continue our mission of producing smart, devout, and virtuous graduates, ready to assume their role as the next generation of Catholic leaders in our country. 


Regina Luminis Academy (RLA) was founded in Downingtown in 2008 as part of the growing network of Regina Academies in the Philadelphia suburbs, and the only one with its own free-standing high school.  After incrementally building-up its grades and enrollment during its first five years of operation, RLA produced its first class of high school graduates in 2014, and has repeated that process year by year. 


Elsewhere on this website you will find a more detailed description of our unique Catholic and Classical approach to education, but in a nutshell, RLA high school is not just a college prep school with a liberal arts curriculum, but also a “Heaven Prep” school producing “Smart Saints” capable of carrying out the Church’s apostolic mission.  RLA itself is a product of this “New Evangelization,” a true partnership between parents and teachers that feels more like an extended family than a cold and sterile building.   In this brave new world of ours, Catholics can no longer afford to sit back on their laurels and outsource the propagation of the faith to others, and it is that kind of insight that inspires and motivates our collective work at RLA.


Now that we are more centrally located in Berwyn, near several different parishes, diocesan elementary schools, and independent Catholic schools, we expect our high school enrollment to expand significantly, as more and more parents looking for a safe, affordable, rigorous, and thoroughly Catholic option for their high schoolers discover that RLA is just around the corner.  With a beautiful new facility, small class sizes, outstanding teachers, a proven curriculum, and the Catholic Faith at the heart of everything we do, we are out to prove that we are the very best high school for families who care about both their teenager’s academic and faith journeys.  We hope you will agree, and that you will schedule an initial interview and tour soon so we can begin the process of welcoming you into our nurturing faith and learning community.

Regina Luminis, pray for us!

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