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As a classical academy, Regina Luminis Academy surrounds its students with the very best that Western Civilization has to offer: the Great Books. The course of study at Regina Luminis Academy produces a student who is trained in Christian virtue, and who is one with the tradition of learning that sustains Western Civilization. The end result is gentlemen and ladies who are at home in the Catholic Church, at home in the cultural heritage of the West, and ready to evangelize and undertake positions of leadership in the twenty-first century.


Regina Luminis Academy is a private, independent school grades Pre-K through12, founded, with the help of God’s grace, to assist parents in the education and formation of their children by providing a classical liberal arts education in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church and faithful to the Magisterium. It is the mission of the Academy to promote and nurture the spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth and talents of its students through the time-tested classical liberal arts course of study. Students study and learn in a wholesome and rigorous environment. The Catholic faculty integrates the Magisterial teaching and Tradition of the Catholic Church throughout the curriculum. In partnership with their families, students are taught to be effective Catholic citizens and leaders. They are taught to know, love and serve God and neighbor, aware of their ultimate purpose in life—eternal happiness with God in Heaven.

Students who are not Catholic may be admitted to the school with the explicit understanding that all students must participate in all classes and activities in the school. The entire curriculum is permeated with Catholic philosophy. Prayer and daily Catholic devotion are an integral part of the school’s day.

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Catholic Principles in Education

RLA Honor Society



Educating today’s children and tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Strong Catholic formation faithful to the Church’s authentic Magisterium

  • Warm, supportive, family atmosphere

  • Classical curriculum

  • Superb, highly-motivated faculty

  • Pre-K through 12th grade

  • Small class sizes

  • Mastery of communication skills

  • Emphasis on the formation of the virtues and on cultural development

  • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program

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