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Admissions For Current Family

RLA is committed to keeping tuition affordable with the special aim of helping Catholic families educate their children in the Faith.

In return, we strongly encourage all families to participate in fundraising and volunteer efforts since these additional funds contribute to operational costs of the school not covered by tuition.


It is our hope that the community, businesses and individuals, having a like-minded vision for today’s children, would prayerfully consider joining our efforts by financially supporting Regina Luminis Academy.

Option #1 for 

Current Family

Option #2 for

Current Family

If you are interested in tuition assistance, please visit the Financial Aid page.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact our front office at 610-269-3905

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RLA offers financial aid/tuition assistance for qualifying families.  Tuition assistance is based solely on need and is only given to those who have submitted an application to FACTS and have been approved by RLA. There is a fee to apply through FACTS. 


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