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Celebrating 15 Years: Stories of Impact

I didn’t enter the doors of Regina Luminis Academy when it opened on September 8th, 2008, instead, I found myself there as a sixth grader two years later. It’s difficult to quantify the impact that Regina Luminis has made in its 15 years of service. In my opinion, the relationships formed by the students during their time at school are amongst the most important fruits. What I appreciate most from my time as a student at RLA is the community that I experienced, which bridged all students, from the youngest to the oldest.

Every student knew everyone’s name. We debated together; we teased each other; we competed against one another in the classroom and at recess, and foremost we cared for and supported each other. While individuals didn’t always get along or some people grew closer to others, there was a firm kinship that grew from our shared experiences and education. During my middle school years, a close friend told me she felt our friendship was helping her to get to heaven. Relationships that prioritize the ultimate good of the other are formed at Regina Luminis because of faith, education, and community. These relationships last beyond the structure of school and continue to deepen in new ways, from friendships even to marriages. It was because of RLA that I truly began to seek the Good, the True, and the Beautiful in my academics and in the way I live my life.

This past year, it was my privilege to witness Regina Luminis through a new lens as a teacher. The school has changed in some significant ways since my time as a student, but it has continued to provide an environment where students thrive and community flourishes. As a first-year teacher I am so thankful I was given great examples of what it means to be an educator from my fellow faculty. Every day I came to work and experienced the faculty and staff joyfully educate and minister to our students. I found that the students have a true love of learning as I listened to high school students discuss topics in English and participated in their sense of wonder as they did experiments in chemistry. The Elementary school was consistently sharing projects with the student body from poem recitations to castle building. One of my favorite memories of this year was observing the awe on the faces of high school students as the Elementary Drama Club performed The Wizard of Oz. What makes RLA truly amazing is how everyone wants to support and celebrate what is happening across the school.

The founders of Regina Luminis chose the phrase Lux semitae meae (a light to my path) from Psalm 119:105 as the original motto of the school. As we celebrate 15 years of Regina Luminis Academy, I want to express my gratitude to those founding families who came together to initiate this mission. Without their willingness to shoulder the challenges of beginning a new school RLA would not exist today. It is my hope Regina Luminis Academy, blessed by God and under the patronage of our Blessed Mother, will continue to light the path for its community for years to come.

Student/Alumna/Faculty Member Miss Kateri Brehany Class of 2017

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